What can your PBM do for you?

Your PBM can make sure you’re getting all the benefits out of your prescription management solution.

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Phoenix PBM Solutions:

We’re challenging the status quo. Our flexible pharmaceutical benefits plans are created for you and backed by a level of service excellence you won’t find anywhere else.


Meet The Team

The experienced Phoenix PBM team knows this industry inside and out. We are working courageously at the forefront of pharmaceutical benefits management to help you succeed.


For Brokers & Consultants

Understand your range of benefit options, customize each plan, and monitor every detail.

Phoenix saved their clients $1,500,000 in prescription drugs spend in 3 months

Get the FactsGet The Facts:

Find out how you can save big for your clients – they’ll love you for it!


What They Say:

“The Savings Card really works! The retail cost was $118.99 and I used the Phoenix Card and paid $10.87. Wow, AMAZING SAVINGS!! Thank you Phoenix, for this wonderful card!”

– Thomas, Florida RxAdvantage Cardholder

For TPAs

Your clients trust you to get the most from their pharmacy benefits.

Phoenix saved MagnaCare $250,000 for its employess within 4 months

Solutions for TPAsSolutions For You:

Find out how you can save big for your clients – they’ll love you for it!


What They Say:

“I was able to save over $50 on a 30 day prescription with my Phoenix savings card. I am so thankful for this card! Thanks Phoenix!”

– Claire, Georgia RxAdvantage Cardholder

For Consumers

Get the reliable and affordable pharmacy benefits that will help you live healthier.

Phoenix delivered 1.2 million mail order pharmaceuticals in February 2017

MyRxPortal for ConsumersMyRxPortal Login:

Find out how you can save big for your clients – they’ll love you for it!


What They Say:

“I just saved over 50% on my antibiotic at my pharmacy! I am so glad I found the RxAdvantage Savings card. I am definitely going to tell everyone I know about this card!”

– Amy, California RxAdvantage Cardholder

What can your PBM do for you? If your PBM is Phoenix, everything you need.

Count on Phoenix for personalized, flexible benefits backed by absolute service excellence. We know this complex market. We listen first and innovate wisely. Phoenix is your best source of savings, options, and reporting resources because we turn our strengths into benefits that become yours.

Pharmacy Benefits Management (PBM) Services

Personalize a plan from a range of options, and stay informed about performance against benchmarks so you know your PBM solution is the best option for the organization.

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Phoenix PBM is an experienced, full-service 340B ambassador. We simplify these complex, highly regulated programs, so you can sustain compliance and focus on saving money and increasing revenue. We will guide you through the implementation process and provide continued support you as you maintain the many accounting, dispensation, and claims details.

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Prescription Savings Card

Access a powerful source of savings on everyday prescriptions. The Phoenix RxAdvantage card is free, simple, and recognized by a network of more than 60,000 pharmacies nationwide.

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