Frequently Asked Questions
Who? What? How? and Why?

Frequently Asked Questions

About Phoenix

Who is Phoenix PBM?

Phoenix PBM is a different kind of pharmacy benefits partner. We operate on the premise that by sharing information with our clients, we can help them reach better outcomes. In an industry that promotes profitability and obscurity, we strive to offer knowledge, service and guidance. We are motivated by a simple desire to help others, and we believe that experience, innovation and knowledge are the best tools in the business.

How is Phoenix PBM different from other providers?

The difference is our approach, and our approach is simple. We offer better savings, more options, better tools and the best customer service in the business.

How do we do this? First, we listen and learn about you. What are your needs? What are your business goals? How big is your group? What can you afford? Next, we respond with information. We discuss your options. We provide insight and make recommendations. Then, we provide you with the technology and resources to remain in control of your plan.

What is the story behind Phoenix PBM?

Phoenix PBM was founded on the idea that Information and understanding are the keys to sound decisions. Our experience enables us to navigate the world of healthcare information on behalf of our clients, to disseminate complex pricing structures, make true comparisons, and to provide honest and objective advice. It's more than customization; it's genuine compassion and honesty.

How did we acquire this experience?

Why do we care so much about case-by-case healthcare solutions? It's simply who we are. We're problem solvers, translators and advisors. We are passionate about fixing things, making them work. Phoenix was founded on the principle that information is the key to good outcomes.

The founders of Phoenix began in the industry by providing technology solutions for pharmacies. Soon, however, the Phoenix team was quick to recognize another problem, the obtuse and overly complex world of prescription benefits management. For the founders of Phoenix, the fix was simple - offer good service, honesty and value to help people succeed and get the care they need. That's the Phoenix approach.

About the Phoenix RxAdvantage Card

How does the Phoenix RxAdvantage Card work?

It's so easy. The hardest part may be remembering to take you card with you to the pharmacy. If you remember that much, the rest is simple. Just present your card to the pharmacist. He/She will reference the group and ID number listed on your card to access your negotiated discount to your prescription cost. While it is not insurance, our program provides discounted prices on everyday drugs and is accepted at all major chains, nationwide.

Can anyone use the Phoenix RxAdvantage Card?

Absolutely. The Phoenix RxAdvantage program is free, open to everyone, and joining is as easy as signing up. One card works for the entire family.

What if my pharmacist isn't on the list?

If your pharmacy is not on our list, simply give us a call. We may have a relationship with them that will allow you to remain in their care. If not, we will do our best to reach out to them. We are always looking for qualified pharmacists to add to our network.

Can I use the Phoenix RxAdvantage Card to mailorder my medications?

At Phoenix, we understand that the convenience of mailorder medications is critical to many individuals. Our Phoenix Pharmacy Network includes several mailorder options. As part of our commitment to integrity and savings, our mailorder pharmacies have been carefully screened for pricing policies that are fair and honest. With Phoenix, you really can trust our savings.