RxAdvantage Prescription Card
The Phoenix RxAdvantage Card provides for access to significantly discounted prices on everyday drugs.

RxAdvantage Prescription Card

Print this card and present to pharmacist when picking up your prescription.

The Phoenix RxAdvantage Card is a FREE and EASY way to SAVE MONEY on prescriptions.

PHARMACISTS: This is a FREE program to our cardholders. Please process their prescription using the above BIN/PCN/Group information. The user identification number should be the cardholders 10-digit phone number. If you have questions processing this claim, please don't hesitate to call our Customer Help line: 888-532-3299. Thank you for taking the time to provide these customers with savings on their prescription medications.

CARDHOLDER: Present this card/page to your pharmacist either when you drop off or pick up your prescription to receive a discount off the retail price of the medication. If you have questions concerning your card, please call our Customer Help Desk line: 888-532-3299.

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