We work with you, for you, so that together we can determine the best possible plans for your self-funded clients.


For agents and brokers, our goal is to support you. After all, your clients depend on you to maintain their benefits. At Phoenix, we arm you with information and backup. We work with you to develop prescription benefit plans that you are excited to share with your clients.

Managed Care

At Phoenix, our Managed Care plans are tailor-made for each client. We listen to your needs and create a plan that works for you. With a simple and straightforward transaction-based fee structure, the Phoenix Managed Care system is one you can trust. It's a system that focuses on saving you money.

RxAdvantage Card

Our RxAdvantage Card is a free and easy way to extend savings to all of your members. With the RxAdvantage Card, your members will have access to savings up to 75% off retail prices on everyday drugs within a network of over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide. On average, Phoenix pays 80% of all claims, compared to the 65% average for our industry. That's a significant amount. That difference means that you spend less and your members pay less.