Business Overview
We offer scalable solutions for businesses of all sizes, helping you get a prescription benefits management plan that works for you.

Prescription Benefit plans for Employer Groups

No matter the size of your business or organization, you have options for Managed Care. At Phoenix, our job is to present those options to you and to help you make the best choice possible. Whether you are a non-profit organization with 10 volunteers or a large enterprise with 10,000+ employees, our approach is the same. We listen to your needs, arm you with information and help you make better decisions when it comes to your health benefits.

Though our approach is scalable, our solutions are individualized. It's been our experience and it is our firm belief that prescription benefit plans are not a one-size-fits-all proposition. We mean it when we say that every client is unique. Of course, every client also deserves the best plan for the best price. We are experts at understanding the differences among plans. But, understanding what is best for you only comes from an appreciation for your needs, the needs of your people, and the goals of your organization.

Once your plan is in place, our job is to support you. After all, a great plan becomes less valuable when you aren't allowed to remain informed and in control. At Phoenix, we provide enhanced reporting and analytical tools to help you monitor drug utilization, review member health reports, and to stay informed on claims and pricing trends. Though our dashboard technology is cutting edge, we also believe in good old-fashioned customer service. When you have a question, no matter how big or small, we are just a phone call away. That's the Phoenix difference.


More Options

At Phoenix, we provide solutions of all sizes. Depending on your budget and your needs, we can tailor a Managed Care Plan for you, we can look at Limited Prescription Plans, or we can discuss the RxAdvantage Card. No matter what direction you choose, we can help you make the most of your budget. One of the first things we do with any client is to audit their existing plan. What do they need? What are they currently paying? What are they getting in return? Most of the time, we find that we can build a customized plan that offers better service at an even better value. No matter what type of business or organization you are, you can trust our experience and knowledge. At Phoenix, we consider it our business to help you succeed. While we pride ourselves on being good listeners, part of our job is to know the right questions to ask so that we get a solid understanding of your current and future needs.

Honest Value

At Phoenix, we believe that we can pass on more savings to the consumers and still be successful. Our fee structures are simple and straightforward. In fact, we're committed to designing you a plan that saves your company more money all while keeping your employees happy.

Informed Control

Information is the cornerstone of our business. It's our goal to provide the information you need in ways that you need it. Our cutting edge dashboard technology lets you review accounts, make comparisons and access data in detail or across a broad range. We breakdown the information in ways that are useful to you, relaying statistics such as monthly user demographics and health reports as well as brand name and generic utilization reports. This allows you to remain informed and in control of your plan.

Genuine Customer Service

Every day, our clients tell us the same thing, "Thank you." Our goal is to help and support you, and we do that really well. Exceptional customer service is just part of our culture and part of that culture is maintaining a direct connection with our clients. That's what matters most to us. When you partner with Phoenix, you benefit from having a direct relationship with us. We pick up the phone. We answer your questions. We succeed together.