Large Enterprise
We offer scalable solutions for businesses of all sizes, helping you get a prescription benefits management plan that works for your enterprize business.

Large Enterprises

Information, flexibility and control are critical to large business success. Nowhere is that more true than with Managed Care. At Phoenix, we give you options for Managed Care. We also give you control. With tools like our cutting edge dashboard technology, you have direct access to the information that affects your plan. This allows you to monitor the claims trends and drug utilization patterns that affect both your employees and your bottom line.

Managed Care

At Phoenix, our Managed Care plans are tailor-made for each client. We listen to your needs and create a plan that works for you. With a simple and straightforward transaction-based fee structure, the Phoenix Managed Care system is one you can trust. It's a system that focuses on saving you money. Our only incentive is simply to make the program one that you trust, are happy with, and would recommend to others.