The Phoenix Story
Phoenix is bringing a new approach to the complicated world of healthcare management.

The Phoenix Story

At Phoenix, we are bringing a new approach to the complicated world of healthcare management. Rather than follow the same old one-size-fits-all strategy, we've chosen to treat our clients as people, not numbers, not patients, and not problems.

Our job is to help. First, we listen. What are your needs? What are your business goals? How big is your group? What can you afford? Next, we respond with information. We discuss your options. We provide insight and make recommendations. Then, we provide you with the technology and resources to remain in control of your plan.

Information and understanding are the foundations of solutions. Our experience enables us to navigate the world of healthcare information on your behalf, to disseminate complex pricing structures, make true comparisons, and to provide honest and objective advice. It's more than customization; it's genuine transparency and honesty.

How did we acquire this experience? Why do we care so much about case-by-case healthcare solutions? It's simple. We're problem solvers, translators and advisors. We are passionate about fixing things, making them work. Phoenix was founded on the principle that information is the key to good outcomes.

The founders of Phoenix began in the industry by providing technology solutions for pharmacies. Soon, however, the Phoenix team was quick to recognize another problem, the obtuse and overly complex world of prescription benefits management. For the founders of Phoenix, the fix was simple - offer good service, honesty and value to help people succeed and get the care they need. That's the Phoenix approach.