Phoenix Leadership
The founders of Phoenix believe in saving their clients´ money, but never at the expense of providing good benefits to individuals.


Dan Chapman,

CEO and Co-Founder of Phoenix PBM, Dan Chapman is known for having a level of knowledge and understanding that is unmatched in the industry. With 13 years of industry experience as President and CEO of another PBM, Dan is a driving force behind the company´s approach. Dan´s work in the Prescription Industry began nearly 15 years ago when Dan´s I.T. company merged with a large pharmacy group to create and start a PBM and Claims Switcher. Dan served as President and CEO of that group in addition to serving on its Board of Directors.

Prior to his PBM career, Dan worked 30 yrs. in military Intelligence for Texas Instruments and Raytheon. He has a degree in electrical engineering from El Centro College and continued his studies of electrical engineering and physics at Southern Methodist University. Dan obtained a Business Management Degree at Dallas Baptist University.

During his time at Texas Instruments and, later, Raytheon, Dan worked as a military intelligence and missile systems engineer. He spent time in Great Britain, working with the British Ministry of Defense, British Aero Space and the Royal Air Force. While in the U.K. Dan directed flight tests for Britain´s guided missile programs. Dan´s career in Military Intelligence and Missile Systems engineer continued in the U.S., where he directed more flight tests, this time for the new generation of guided weapons. At the same time, he also managed and designed the telemetry and communications systems.

After retiring from Raytheon Dan founded and served as President and CEO of an I.T Consultant Company, Worldwide Communication Systems Management. It was there that Dan was introduced to the pharmacy benefits industry and began a new a career that would ultimately lead him to create Phoenix PBM.

David Chapman,
Founder & President

As President and Co-Founder of Phoenix, David Chapman is a part of the driving force behind the company´s non-traditional approach. Lowering healthcare costs for individuals is somewhat of a personal mission for David, who believes that business success doesn´t have to come at the expense of the consumer. Actually, it´s more than a belief; it´s proven methodology.

Prior to launching Phoenix, David worked as director of business development for another PBM. While there, he gained valuable industry experience and insight. That experience, coupled with his background in economics and degree in Business Administration allowed David to see the inherent flaws in traditional PBM business models that simply drive up costs. At Phoenix, David is committed to thinking outside the box, to eliminating unnecessary costs and driving down the costs of prescription medications.

In addition to the great fulfillment that he derives from helping to make healthcare more affordable, David is motivated by the people of Phoenix PBM. For David, the employees of Phoenix are like a family, which makes the workday rewarding. More importantly, however, they are a competitive advantage. According to David, Phoenix is made up of success driven individuals, all working towards the same goal, to change the PBM industry.

Prior to his career in the Pharmacy Services Industry, David worked as an educator and coached high school football in Texas. Outside of work David is involved with many charitable organizations. A strong believer in community participation, David is active with Relay 4 Life and the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. He holds a Bachelor's in Business Administration from the University of Texas at El Paso and holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration from Baylor University.

Terry Tobias,
Vice President of Technology

Part of the original team of engineers from Texas Instruments/Raytheon who are integral to the Phoenix PBM story, Terry Tobias is a Senior Software Engineer who left the world of computer guidance systems to design solutions for pharmacy benefits.

Terry is the one of the creators of Phoenix´s unique Dashboard Technology, a system that relays realtime benefits data to those who need it, in a meaningful and efficient dashboard application. This type of solution is part of Terry´s customer-focused approach to technology innovation.

He values the friendly and fresh attitude that Phoenix takes towards its customers and its business. For Terry, Phoenix is different because it has figured out how to maintain a small, approachable persona while achieving a level of expertise and large-business technical infrastructure that makes its solutions such a great asset to its clients.

Sheila Chapman,
Vice President of Finance

As Vice President of Finance, Sheila brings valuable oversight and experience to the Phoenix PBM executive team. With a BBA in Finance and Economics and six years experience as Director of Finance for another PBM, Sheila is part of the skill and ingenuity that allows Phoenix to run such a tight ship.

Widely respected within Phoenix and among its partners for her tech-savvy solutions, Sheila is known for her speed and creativity when it comes to tackling problems. As an experienced PBM Finance Officer, Sheila values the unique approach that Phoenix takes to business; "I believe Phoenix is different because we truly believe in helping others." For Sheila, Phoenix is different from other PBM´s in that they care about saving their clients´ money, but never at the expense of providing good benefits to individuals.

Jonathan Yearty,
Vice President of Operations

Jonathan joined the Phoenix team after serving for two years as the Human Resource Director and Member Services Director for another industry leading PBM. While there he was able to implement and develop industry-leading strategies for member services, and oversaw the hiring and training as the company doubled in size.

Prior to joining the PBM industry, Jonathan worked as the Assistant Facilities Director for Baylor University Athletics. While there, he supervised over 300 part time event staff workers and managed the operations of the finest facilities in the Big 12 Conference. Jonathan has a Bachelor´s Degree in Education and a Master´s Degree in Sport Management. Passionate about health and fitness, Jonathan is also a Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist with a focus on Holistic Health and Development.